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From Someone Behind the Stage
Minggu, 24 April 201614.13 | 0 comment(s)

How do I work?
I'm kind of person who works mostly behind the scene, behind the stage.

I'm not the center of interest, nor noticeable. Even sometimes forgettable (huhu).

I don't speak very well in front of people since I'm not so listenable. I prefer talk in a little group, sharing thoughts.

When I have passion or idea for something, I will give and do everything I can to make those come true.
But again, I work behind the stage.

Not so many people realize what I've done, but some people who worked (directly) with me would realize how much I gave my self into something I worked on.

You see, I'm clearly an Introvert.

I don't have problem with the fact that I'm an Introvert. Well, except that, sometimes I feel like people don't notice how much I've done or how much I've sacrificed my self or how deep I've involved into something. They just know the result (of what I've done).

Until Amrina R. Wijaya's post showed up on my Line Timeline and hit me (pretty) hard. It felt like "Yeaaay somebody knows right how I feel. Somebody finds me in this deep hole and pulls me up. Finally."

This is how she pulls me up through her writing.


Dear introverts,
And those wishing to disappear everytime they have the stage,
Also those having sweaty palms among the crowd.

With your peaceful preference to focus in your inner world and not to be socially engaged too much with the crowd as it tires you; I know at times you think to yourself whether you would really make a significant change to this world you live in.

For you have witnessed changes mostly made by those who speak. For you have behold people led by charismatic, choleric agitators. For the spotlights are always owned by the sanguines. And then you feel like you don't have a place in this world afterall.

But Darling, this world has been too sugarcoated with the words of mouth it makes you forget how great people like Pablo Picasso, Da Vinci, J.K. Rowling, Dr. Seuss, Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton and Rosa Parks are just exactly like you. In her book about introverts and the quiets, Susan Cain described how Darwin one time declined politely a dinner invitation and chose to have a walk on the wood alone. Yet with his introverted persona, his mind impacted evolutionism for hundreds of years up to today. She also wrote how Dr. Seuss--the most fun, loving man you'd ever imagine--had always had the fear of meeting children, thinking they would be disappointed to see his un-Santa Claus-like look. Yet his work is one of the most best-selling of all time and adults will always thank him for painting their childhood with colors. Rosa Parks, the most phenomenal woman in the black people history, wasn't even rising her voice when she refused to give a white man her seat.
She was a very shy and timid person, and her bravery speaks for her. You see how legendary these quiet people are today and how they become inspirations for thousands of people.

Maybe one day, with your quiteness, you have also wondered whether you will lead after all. All I want to say is please, Beautiful People, please don't give up on being a leader, for the ruling, guiding type of leadership is only one from myriads types of leadership you can posess. George Bradt once wrote in Forbes that there are three types of leaders, two of them being artistic leaders--leaders who insipire people by influencing feeling, taking new approaches on how we see, taste, and smell things, like all the painters and musicians and spiritual leaders--and scientific leaders--those who inspire and guide people by influencing knowledge with their ideas, researches, writings, and discoveries, like Newton, Darwin, also all the authors and scientists in the world. And I think you are just the perfect type to be those leaders. So please, even when you choose working behind the curtain, never ever think that the world will swallow you to nothingness. You are shining.

Dear introverts,
And those wishing to disappear everytime they have the stage,
Also those having sweaty palms among the crowd,

In this world where assertiveness and gregariousness are power, you show resistance with your quietness. As tai chi masters, you show that serenity and gentleness can define strength like never before.

So be you. Be proud. Being wordy and gregarious is not the only way to be heard, for the mind and the heart can sometimes speak louder, in behalf of you.

Your also introverted mate

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