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How Do You Look Your Past?
Sabtu, 09 Agustus 201421.02 | 0 comment(s)

How do you look your past as? Lesson to be learned? Mistake to be regretted? Or just wind passes by. It depends on your point of view. It can define your character as well. Nah.....let's check what's yours?

Lesson to be learned.
It shows that you are a positive person. You have positive point through bad things happen to you. That's good. Keep being positive! It's good for your mind and your body as well.

Mistake to be regretted.
It shows that you are a negative person. Live well. Don't regret. Take the positive side of your problems. Life's too short to be regretted. Life goes on and if you keep being negative person you'll be left behind by................time. You'll get nothing and you'll just regret that you had been always regretting. Regretting something is normal. But just don't too deep regretting it. Get up and start all over again. Be positive. Negative thoughts are tiring your mind.

Just wind passes by.
It shows that you are a cuek person. You just don't care and don't think of your problem too much. You don't even see your problem as a problem. This kind of person is usually spontaneous and having fun easily. But when facing a serious problem, it's hard for this kind of person to solve it alone.

Nah......it's just an amateur analysis. This writing is based on people around and my experience.

I had been regretting. And it wasted my time. Being negative for a wink is normal. Just don't be too negative for too long time. So I always try to think positive. There's no person who can be positive everytime unless you are an angel. But positive people are born from they who try and want to. So let's keep the existence of positive people by being positive person. Just start with your self. At least you try and want to be positive.

Salam positif +++++

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