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Top 10 things in my mind
Selasa, 07 Desember 201011.41 | 0 comment(s)

1. UAS
aaaaaaargh. welcome 'em, should I? of course. I wanna make my parents proud of me. I'll try to be the best. But the best isn't the time when we get 'it' or be the number one. for me, the best means always try hard to get 'it' even we failed. try, try, try, try, and try. always believe that one day we will get 'it'. maybe not today but believe, one day you'll catch the world. just believe it and say no to GIVE UP!

I really really really miss 'em soooooooo much. I miss ya guys. I miss the time when we're together. I miss the 'being-crazy' time with y'all. I miss the time when we laugh together. I miss the 'be strong, babe' time, when we support each other. I miss the dramatic time with y'all. every moment with y'all is the sweetest moment. love ya

3. GreeOne
I miss pa dekun, pa cece, bu dwi, bu niken, bu yani, mam euis, all of 'em. I miss every partically life in there. I miss danan, ica, nisa, acit. I miss my silly calss, 9A. I miss SISPEK '09. I miss the narrow-OSIS-room xoxo. I miss the canteen in front of my class, pa cucun's canteen, mang unang's canteen (esp GEHUUUUUUUU), mang ade's canteen. I miss GreeOne. But a thing, I'm not missing him!

4. Mr. D
I don't know how it started. Just suddenly I start thinking of him. and the worst, I can't stop thinking of him rrrr. I even don't know him well. He's my senior. but I'm not sure it's love. Idon't know what is this, maybe amazed? well just let it flow

5. Blackberry
I want it sooo much. But I try to earn money and buy it myself. just don't want pressure my parents with all of my wishlist

6. Glee
I wanna watch it chronologically but always can't. hope someday can have 'glee-dvd-marathon' in full version :D

7. External Harddisk
I loose all of my datas there. ALL. imagine that. because of virus actually. I hate it. My 'kokoreaan' datas are there. more than 30 gb datas there, are loose

8. Magnum
I haven't try it. maybe someday yeaaah

9. J-COOL twist
yummy :9

10. Gogirl!
I can't stop read it. always motivate me with the best articles. always make me see the world. that's why I love it. And there's no reason to make me stop read it. I love Gogirl!, just the way it is

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