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*FVCY* 090908
Kamis, 11 Juni 200919.53 | 0 comment(s)

sometimes, i think love just for someone that we crush at him. but it's wrong! the truth love isn't it. there is something that will be forever. FRIENDSHIP. yeah. i love all of them. really really love them. i'm lucky i find them. they always stay beside me if i really need them. they always try to make me smile if i smile although their own feeling is sad, they can smile just to accompany my happiness. god, thank you sends me people around like them. i really love them. i will never forget all about them, about us. they always hear my story, they always give me some advice. argh. they are too perfect for me. i can't tell all of their characteristic. too much because they're too perfect. sometimes i think about our future. will we be like this forever? i think no. we will not meet everyday like now. but i'm sure, our heart will feel having each other. because we are one. like a family. yeah. all of you are my family and part of my life that will never disappeared. we laugh together, we cry together, we spend the day together, always together. i love all of you just like i love my self. really. because i know, people like you all won't never i meet again. god, just a hope that i want you to give it to me. yeah i'm sure. just a hope. please, let me stay around them forever. don't make us stay at different and so far place. i just don't wanna missed them because i too love them. i can't live without them. they're also my life. they're too important for me. i love you all :DDD

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